This Cliffside Concept House Is A Thrill-Seeker’s Dream Home

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Architecture usually has a spectrum of expression from very simple, to complex and “daring.” Brutalism (named after the French beton brut, or “raw concrete”) is a unique design style that somehow blends the simple with the extreme. While the design is daring, minimalism and flow are also emphasized. Brutalism was utilized mostly in the 1950’s to 1970’s. It was mostly utilized in government and education buildings, as well as high rises and shopping centers.

Greek designers Laertis-Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos of Open Platform for Architecture have created a more modern embodiment of the Brutalism concept. What does such a structure look like? Take a look.

Welcome to Casa Brutale.

This home is situated on a cliff side overlooking the Aegean Sea. As you noticed, there are no safety features at the cliff’s edge.

The home sports a topside pool made with reinforced glass, and fifty steps leading down into the main living quarters.

When you get to the bottom of those steps, you can see that the swimming pool is glass bottomed, allowing sunlight to flow through and illuminate the home.

Since this home is made of simplistic, square and rectangular rooms, the rippling light from the pool helps to add a sense of fluidity to an otherwise rigid architecture.

The dining area utilizes a concrete table and seating, covered in aged wood. This adds an element of warmth to the concrete and black coated steel of the rest of the home.

An upstairs loft houses the sleeping area. Talk about the ultimate sky light.

After dusk, the home looks like an awe inspiring anomaly within the dark cliff wall. The cool home can also be warmed with the built in fireplace.

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These cliff houses are some of the most incredibly creative homes we've ever seen. They're literally built into the side of cliffs and are ultra luxurious. The structural integrity, however, is something most people wouldn't chance and this is likely why they're so unique. Oh, and also probably the amount of money they sell for.


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